Editor’s note: Thanks to @sttngduck for bring it to our attention that this footage is actually from 2019. The content is still very relevant, particularly considering Democrats’ amped-up push for gun control, but it’s important to point out that the video is not new. Our post as originally written appears below.

Imagine yourself in this scenario: You’re sitting inside a restaurant, enjoying your meal, when suddenly you hear a commotion outside. You look over to the window and see some thugs getting really violent with a guy right outside. What do you do?

Well, if you’re a patron in one particular restaurant, you whip out your phone. Not to call the cops, no. But to film it.

And then — and then — the guy getting pummeled pulls out a gun and points it at his assailants. What do you do then? Do you applaud? Or do you do what these spectator did and shriek and clutch your pearls?

It apparently never occurred to anyone watching this from inside the restaurant to take any action to help the victim. No, what got them really scared and upset was when the victim gained the upper hand.

If  you’re like us — or if you’re like any halfway decent person — you see something very, very wrong with this picture. Don’t want to get physically involved in the fight? Fine. That’s one thing. That’s not unreasonable. But to just stand there staring and pointing your phones at it only to flip out when the victim is forced to take matters into his own hands is seriously messed up.

Thank goodness that man was armed. If he hadn’t been, who knows how long the beating would’ve gone on? Who knows how badly he might’ve been injured?

Who knows how long those people would’ve just sat there filming it all without lifting a finger to do a damn thing?