As we told you earlier, only a mere a year and a half into her vice presidency, Kamala Harris has lost her second speechwriter. Can’t blame the speechwriter, of course. Who wouldn’t bail on Kamala Harris? You’d have to be crazy not to!

Well anyway, with no one to write out her words for her, Kamala’s in an even bigger verbal bind than usual. The now-infamously inarticulate veep sucks hard enough at reading the words written for her. So you can imagine what the stress of having to prepare her own remarks is doing to her.

Or you can just listen to her:

Can we hear/see that again, please?

It’s nice of the audience to clap for her like that. Lord knows she could use the confidence boost right about now.

We are all sign language guy in that moment.

If we were to make a Venn diagram of Kamala Harris and people who know what the hell they’re talking about, we’d have two completely separate circles:

Well, “explains” might not be the right word here …

Michael Scott would be a better vice president at this point, honestly. At least he was a good salesman!