As he’s watched the Sordid Saga of Hunter Biden continue to unfold, Glenn Greenwald can’t help but make some observations. Not about Hunter Biden, though there are certainly many observations to be made about him — including some stuff we wish we could un-observe. No, these observations concern our media. Our sad, pathetic, shameful excuses for media.

The journalistic class has been given ample opportunity to show us why we’re wrong to have so little faith in them, and they’ve squandered it over and over again. They demand respect from the public, yet they don’t have enough respect for the public to be honest or admit to their mistakes when called out.

Greenwald, as is his wont, went after the media today in another typically brutal thread:

Because that would require admitting that they screwed up, and there are just too many members of our legacy media who are fully convinced that they’re infallible.

And considering the number of journalistic scandals in recent years, that’s really saying something.

That’s the really infuriating part. People make mistakes all the time. It’s how they handle it that ultimately speaks to their character. And given so many in the media’s refusal to admit to wrongdoing, we’re left with little choice but to conclude that they have no character.

Media malpractitioners, heal thyselves. Until then, wallow in the swamp you’ve built for yourselves.



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