Earlier, we told you about pro-abort actress Jessica Chastain’s — and her reproductive rights’ — “Happy ‘Independence’ Day” message. The gist of it is that the notion of “Independence Day” is ironic because, thanks to the Republican Party and conservative Supreme Court Justices, we no longer have any independence.

Turns out it’s a pretty popular philosophy to have, at least if Conan O’Brien is any indication. While he’s not specifically citing Roe v. Wade here, given the hot streak SCOTUS has been on lately, we’d be surprised if he didn’t at least have that decision in the back of his mind when he tweeted this:

Conan O’Brien is certainly entitled to his opinion, of course. But we feel that it’s our duty — as Twitchy and as Americans — to point out that his opinion is wrong.

And make no mistake: his opinion is wrong. And pretty sad.

Hope he didn’t spend too much time workshopping it. It would’ve been an even bigger waste if he had.


Conan should be embarrassed. We’re embarrassed for him.

That’s what’s got so many liberals so bummed out. For the first time in a long time, the Constitution as it was originally intended to be upheld is being upheld, and pretty consistently at that. So, naturally, progressives, not understanding the purpose or content of the Constitution are upset.

True story.

And now, if anyone needs us, we’ll just be over here playing “America the Beautiful” on our tiny violin.