Earlier, we told you about Alex Pearlman, a hardcore liberal who has absolutely had it with the Democratic Party and their pathological obsession with fundraising in response to inconvenient Supreme Court decisions instead of, you know, doing their jobs in Congress. Pearlman is especially fed up with Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who, as Pearlman reminds us, is worth well over $100 million (at least financially speaking … morally speaking is another story) and thus isn’t lacking for any funds.

In case you want to watch Pearlman’s rant again — we’ve watched it multiple times already — here it is:

So, so good.

Now, in case you’re wondering what sorts of fundraising emails Pearlman is referring to, here’s a perfect example from none other than Nancy Pelosi. Or at least from a PAC she’s allowing to use her name:

Oh dear.

Major “we’ll kill this dog” energy, for sure.

Maybe Nancy Pelosi doesn’t know what to say, but cringing liberals sure do: “Shut the hell up already.”


Straight into our veins.

Maybe she won’t be successful, but we’re sure going to enjoy watching her try.

OK, we might actually read that New York Times article. Not gonna lie.