Pregnancy crisis centers are finally getting their moment in the national spotlight. Unfortunately, that’s due in part to the attacks on them by pro-abort terrorists. But it’s also because with the overturning of Roe v. Wade, these centers will be in a better position to make more of a positive difference, particularly in minority communities.

That’s a good thing, last time we checked. But then, we didn’t check with NBC News first:

Here’s more of NBC News’ “investigation,” via Newsbusters:

This is pretty gross, NBC News. You guys know that, right?

No kidding. Cynthia McFadden and the two women she interviews seem very concerned about all the alleged fraud and shady financial dealings surrounding these pro-life crisis centers, but they’re conspicuously short on evidence. They portray these centers as some sort of nefarious money-laundering scheme that benefits an elite few, as some unregulated haven for predatory, uneducated, unqualified pro-life activists.

And that’s what we call projection, because the super sketchy environment they describe is actually that of the Planned Parenthood organization. Rife with fraud, shady financial dealings, shadowy elitists, and staff with questionable qualifications. And, of course, a direct, two-way money pipeline to Democratic politicians.

Twisted, isn’t it?

And NBC News is only too happy to indulge them.

For the most part, yes. But we’re going to give props to CBS Mornings for their own story on pro-life crisis centers, because they deserve props for this:


Thank you, CBS News. Truly.