Remember Andrew Gillum? He’s the Florida Governor who wasn’t, thanks in no small part to some poor life choices:

Thanks to Gillum, Ron DeSantis is the current Governor of Florida. So don’t let anyone tell you that Andrew Gillum never did anything good.

Anyway, Gillum is apparently bracing for an indictment today, and he’s doing it like a real champ:

More from Marc Caputo at NBC News:

The exact charges are unclear and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Florida would neither confirm nor deny details about the criminal case against Gillum. In a written statement to NBC News, Gillum acknowledged the case but said it is politically motivated without offering specifics.

The expected indictment would mark a new low for Gillum, a married father of three who withdrew from public life as a political leader and a paid CNN commentator after a March 2020 sex scandal involving a suspected male overdose victim in a South Beach hotel.

At the time, Gillum said he was abusing alcohol as he coped with his loss to DeSantis, but campaign finance records and a leaked criminal subpoena in 2019 showed that Gillum also faced the pressure of an FBI investigation.

Sounds like Gillum’s really got his hands full. Good thing he’s chosen a stand-up guy to help him out!

Gillum was just choosing someone with as much integrity as he himself has. Even more integrity, actually.

Hi, Marc! Fancy seeing you here! Again.

It’s cool of Marc Elias to carve time out of his busy schedule to help out someone like Andrew Gillum. It’s also totally on-brand.






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