You probably thought the highlight of your day yesterday would be celebrating Father’s Day. But you forgot about the “Reliable Sources” newsletter, which came out last night as reliably sourced as ever:

The newsletter’s “entertainment desk” featured this snarky little passage:

Write what you know!


I hereby (half-jokingly) suggest a pact where film critics swear off politics if New York Times op-ed columnists stop writing about movies. Without refuting or dissecting them point by point, the shortcomings in Ross Douthat‘s latest column – essentially envisioning two very different films, “Top Gun: Maverick” and “The Northman,” as a portal to Hollywood’s past – underscore what can happen when news-based columnists choose to dabble in pop culture, a beat where (much like sports) everyone presumes that they’re an expert…

Brian Lowry is CNN’s media critic. So you’d think he of all people would know that if you’re going to critique media, you should be familiar with the media you’re critiquing.

Alas, Brian Lowry — like Brian Stelter — can’t be bothered with such inconvenient tasks. That left it up to National Review critic at large Kyle Smith to call Lowry out:

“National Review film critic” is literally in Ross Douthat’s Twitter bio:

Nice journalism, Brian Lowry.

Liberal celebrities sound off about politics all the time! And unlike so many of them, Ross Douthat is actually pretty well versed in the political stuff as well as the cultural stuff. Maybe Brian Lowry is just envious that he’s incapable of being interested in and knowing about multiple things at the same time.

Of course.

This is like Remedial Journalism 101 stuff. And CNN still can’t do it.

“Total lack of professionalism.” “Sheer stupidity.” That’s pretty much CNN’s brand in a nutshell.

Only the hardest-hitting media reporting from CNN.