In recent weeks, you may have noticed something different about Joe Biden. Well, to be more specific, something different about the media’s coverage of Joe Biden. National Review senior correspondent Jim Geraghty definitely has:

Did you notice that discussing Joe Biden’s age, memory, and mental state — denounced as the “gross, lowest-common-denominator politics that drive people away from public life” by CNN’s Chris Cillizza when I wrote about this issue last August — became an acceptable subject for quiet and subdued expressions of public concern in the past week or so?

Last week the New York Times quoted many Democratic officials worrying Biden was too old to run for reelection. Brian Stelter and John Harwood talked about the issue and the Atlantic article on CNN. The editorial board of the Wall Street Journal chuckles, “Democrats and the media suddenly discover the President is old.”

In today’s edition of the Morning Jolt newsletter (which you should all be subscribing to, by the way), Geraghty takes a look at how we got to this point seemingly overnight. This morning’s Twitter thread is inspired by Geraghty’s write-up:

“Don’t believe your lying eyes and ears” definitely seems to be the theme for Joe Biden’s administration.

Fair enough … but arguably the surest surest way to make the warnings come true to is to come true is to have someone like Joe Biden in a position of power. Because of his horrendous policies, a recession was effectively inevitable the moment he was sworn into office.

Anyone who’s been paying attention to Joe Biden knew this decline was inevitable. But to see even the media palace guard start to publicly take notice … that’s a glaring sign that we’re in very, very big trouble.