In case you haven’t heard the latest on Brett Kavanaugh’s would-be assassin, there have been some pretty scary developments:

He found Kavanaugh’s address online. Interesting.

But Roske never would have been able to put his plan into motion had he not found Brett Kavanaugh’s address online. Know who posted Brett Kavanaugh’s address online? Ruth Sent Us. The same shady outfit who wasted little time trying to downplay the attempted assassination of Brett Kavanaugh as well as their own role in the matter.

Not just an assist, but an effective endorsement:

Holy hell.

“If Nicholas John Roske had succeeded in murdering Brett Kavanaugh, would Republicans finally get on board with gun control laws?” is quite a take. And Ruth Sent Us apparently approves.

They’re out for blood and won’t rest until Kavanaugh’s is spilled.

We’re honestly shocked they didn’t tack a winky-face emoji onto the end of that tweet.

And just in case it weren’t already clear enough that they’re not even remotely remorseful for their role in an attempt on Brett Kavanaugh’s life:



Think maybe our illustrious FBI can spare a few good men to tackle Ruth Sent Us sometime soon?