Ryan Shead is a Democratic candidate for the Arizona State House of Representatives. He’s also a dedicated crusader for truth and justice.

So if he gets elected, his constituents can rest assured that he will shine a lot on lies and injustice whenever he sees them. And not just in Arizona:

More from the “source article” at HollywoodUnlocked.com:

According to the Kansas City Defenderthe Kansas City Police Department claims the shooting occurred during the attempted arrest of Leonna Hale,26, and [an] unidentified man in connection to a stolen vehicle. However, witnesses claim this is untrue since the Hale held her hands up during the police confrontation. One of the witnesses, named Shedanja, said she heard police officers yelling “Get out of the car” to two people who was in the car next to her vehicle and recorded the aftermath of the shooting. A man exited the vehicle and jumped the fence moments later. The pregnant woman gets out of the car seconds later with her hands up.

“The cops told the woman to get on the ground, but the woman informed them that she was pregnant, and so she couldn’t get down on the ground.”

Police reportedly told the woman to get on the ground but she explained to the officers that she was pregnant and unable to. She also informed them that there was a gun in the car.  Officers screamed the command multiple times and the pregnant woman backed into a parking lot fence, leading police to pull out their weapons. “One, two, three, four, five. I remember it because it didn’t stop. I remember seeing her hit the ground and I froze,” Shedanja told The Kansas City Discover.

So clearly the takeaway here is supposed to be that police deliberately targeted an unarmed pregnant black woman whose only real crime was trying to follow their directions and not being fast enough.

But what you should actually be taking away from this is that for Ryan Shead, some facts are just too juicy to check.

It took him a few days, but eventually he got around to following up on the Leonna Hale story, and let’s just say that he had majorly jumped the gun:


Hey, give him some credit! He used siren emojis!


And it’s almost like Shead should delete his original tweet.


Well, as of this post’s publication, it’s been close to 18 hours since Shead posted that tweet right there … and here’s how many more likes it’s gotten:

Still quite a ways to go before he gets to 37K likes on that one …

Works every time it’s tried.