New York Representative and House Democratic Caucus Chair Hakeem Jeffries is, of course, a huge gun control proponent.

And, like so many other Democratic politicians, he sees last weeks horrific deadly mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, as a golden opportunity to re-up the call for banning civilian ownership of AR-15s.

And, like so many other Democratic politicians, he’s relying on a blatantly intellectually dishonest argument to do it:

Well, we suppose that technically, Jeffries is correct. The right to use an AR-15 to hunt human beings isn’t found anywhere in the Second Amendment or in the whole Constitution.

The thing is that gun rights advocates have never once tried to argue that they have a constitutional right to hunt human beings with AR-15s or with any gun (or any weapon).

We have yet to hear someone make that argument, but we suppose there’s a first time for everything … or something.

There’s literally nothing in the Second Amendment about hunting human beings. At least not in the version of the Constitution we learned about in school.

Evidently. People elected to Congress should be forced to pass a basic civics test before being sworn in, and current members of the House and Senate should have to pass one every couple of years or so, just to make sure they didn’t forget everything.

The only thing that could make this all more depressing is if people out there actually believe the BS that Hakeem Jeffries is shoveling at them.


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We’re so screwed.



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