When we’re looking for sharp and thoughtful debate on gun rights in America, we turn to the women of “The View.”

Sorry … been watching a lot of “Stranger Things” lately. Got caught up in the Upside-Down mythos.

Obviously, one of the last places we’d turn to for a discussion on gun rights is “The View,” in no small part because of stuff like this from Whoopi Goldberg:

Here’s the meat of Whoopi’s argument:

“And I don’t care, NRA. You got to give that gun up. You can have your other yee-haw guns, whatever you want. The AR-15 is not a hunting gun. It is a not a gun where you’re gonna go out and shoot your dinner. This gun is meant to kill people. That’s what it’s for. And you can’t have it anymore.”

Special shout-out to Sunny Hostin (we think?), who interjected at some point during that rant to point out that the AR-15 is “a weapon of war.”

Anyway, yes, an AR-15 can, in fact, kill someone. If you’re using it for self-defense, it’s possible that you will kill your attacker. That’s kind of how self-defense works. Perhaps Whoopi Goldberg would personally prefer to be attacked and possibly killed rather than have to pull a trigger to defend herself. And that’s her prerogative.

But someone who chooses to own an AR-15 for self-defense isn’t trying to hunt people. And it’s really disingenuous and gross of Whoopi and “The View” to suggest that it is.

It’s actually pretty simple. But somehow way too complicated for the likes of Whoopi Goldberg.

(Well, Joe Biden sounds like he wants to ban handguns, too, at some point.)

And when their legislative priorities are effectively “punish conservatives,” the last thing Whoopi et al. want to do is change legislative priorities.