When we Robert Reich ever learn? The guy needs to stick to what he’s good at: knowing nothing about basic economics.

Because when he tries to dip his toes in the water on other issues, he only ends up way in over his head.

Like when it comes to gun control, for example. It’s only natural that he’d feel compelled to weigh in, because he seems to be living under the delusion that his opinion is more valuable than other people’s. But poor Robert is literally incapable of not coming off sounding like an ignorant jackass:

Well, yes, Robert. We suppose that technically you could use dynamite to hunt or protect your home … we’re not sure why you would ever do something like that.

Clearly Robert Reich has put a lot of thought into his argument.

Right? It’s like something you might see in a cartoon. Which sorta fits, if you think about it, because Robert Reich is basically a cartoon character.


Also, what’s all this “the 2nd Amendment wasn’t intended to turn America into a battlefield” business?

Evidently Robert Reich’s grasp on history is even worse than his grasp on economics. Yikes, dude.

The American Revolution kind of had a major influence on the Bill of Rights, Robert.

Second Amendment advocates aren’t excited about the prospect of American being turned into a battlefield again, as Reich is suggesting, but they do understand the purpose of the Second Amendment.

The only thing Robert Reich will do is find new ways to publicly humiliate himself at the liberal altar.



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