Libs of Tik Tok has been put through the ringer in recent weeks thanks to the malicious and deranged efforts of Taylor Lorenz. But God bless the woman running the account, because she only seems more determined than ever to expose the depths to which the woke Left will sink.

And as hard as the following video may be to watch, it is vital that this person “Lyric” — and all others whose minds are as warped as his — be exposed to the world, because children’s lives are literally at risk.

We’re not overstating that, by the way. See for yourselves:

If you’re not absolutely terrified after watching that … well, that would be terrifying in its own right.

“Lyric” says that he transitioned later in life. If his son really suffers from gender dysphoria (and that’s a massive “if”), why is he in such a rush to inject a child with puberty blockers, a term that, it should be noted, doesn’t provide any detail about what is actually done to a child’s body.

Our hearts break for the young man, and for any child whose parent or caretaker would risk a child’s life in the name of wokeness.

Honestly, a part of us hopes that “Lyric” doesn’t actually have a son or any child at all and is just a woke grifter looking to score some cash off of gullible wokesters. Unfortunately we’ve seen enough genuine insanity from radical trans activists that we can absolutely believe this is legit.

Someone like “Lyric” has no business being a parent. Or being anywhere near children.