Late last week, San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone announced that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will be barred from receiving Holy Communion until she publicly renounces her very vocal support for abortion.

Well, today on “The View,” cohost Whoopi Goldberg made it abundantly clear that she thinks the Archbishop has overstepped his bounds and made a huge mistake:

We must admit, Whoopi Goldberg Viewsplaining Catholicism to the Archbishop of San Francisco is not something we had on our bingo card (though we must also admit that knowing Whoopi Goldberg and “The View,” we probably should’ve had that on our bingo card).

Did Whoopi learn nothing from pretending to be a lounge singer pretending to be a nun? The nuns sang for the Pope, for crying out loud! Did nothing about Catholicism rub off on you even a little bit?

We’re not archbishops or anything over here, but we’re still pa-retty sure that Catholic doctrine and Holy Communion is well within Archbishop Cordileone’s bailiwick.

Holy Communion is Archbishop Cordileone’s job, just like being ignorant and wrong is Whoopi Goldberg’s job. Everybody’s doing their job!

Re: (3), it’s always open season on Catholics.

And Whoopi Goldberg’s nothing if not trigger-happy.

Don’t tell other people how to do their jobs, Whoopi.



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