Move over, Beto O’Rourke … there’s another glutton for punishment coming to steal your crown.

On this morning’s edition of “Morning Joe,” former New York City Mayor and failed Democratic presidential hopeful Bill de Blasio had a very, very special announcement to make.

Let’s listen in!

He’s running for U.S. Congress! What a thrill this is!

You saw it, too? That little flicker … it’s the flicker of excitement, the flicker of knowing that you’re about to make history.

Are you kidding? They love them some Bill de Blasio! They cheered when he got elected and waxed poetic about his beautiful family and his charisma and his tallness.

We’re honestly not sure what Molly’s so upset about. She loves delusional leftist nutjobs. Hell, she is a delusional leftist nutjub. She should be thrilled that another one of her own wants to run for congressional office!

There are still more groundhogs to murder!

If we can be real, for a second, Bill de Blasio truly is awful. “Herpes” is an apt comparison.

The thing is that he’s the Left’s problem, not ours. So as repulsed as we are by the sight of him (and his eyebrow), it’s important to remember that all we need to do is just sit back here and watch the train wreck. Our hands will remain clean.

Get some!

This is gonna be the most hilarious case of herpes ever.

We really and truly are.