Sunny Hostin is just the gift that keeps on giving.

She’s comfortable saying extremist-y things like that black Republicans and Latino Republicans are oxymorons and then turning around and saying with a straight face that the Republican Party is the party of extremism:

Democrats and Republicans indeed have a lot less in common than they used to, but it’s not because the GOP has moved way to the Right while the Democrats have drifted toward the center.

We’d ask what color the sky is in Sunny’s world, but it’s so cloudy in there, it doesn’t even matter.

We’d like to see the “studies” that Sunny Hostin is citing up there and read them to ourselves, because we just get the feeling that our conclusions would be very different from hers.

Sunny can’t. She’s not nearly self-aware enough.

Seriously, in what universe has the Democratic Party moved to the center? Because it sure as hell isn’t this one.

The Democratic Party has moved further Left on abortion, on illegal immigration, on education, on fiscal policy, on health care (or “health care”) … you name it, they’ve swung way to the Left. Meanwhile, the GOP is often criticized by conservatives for not doing more to stop the leftward political shift.

As is her brand, Sunny’s got all this entirely backwards. And the Disinformation Governance Board won’t say a damn thing about it, by the way.

Why not both?

Again … why not both?