Joe Biden didn’t waste any time weighing in on the horrific deadly mass shooting in Buffalo. And that’s as it should be. He is the president, after all, and he should absolutely speak up about domestic terrorism.

When Biden’s outrage over the Buffalo massacre becomes problematic, though, is when you compare it to how he reacted to the mass slaughter of innocents at a Waukesha Christmas parade last year. He didn’t visit the city to comfort its citizens. He couldn’t even muster enough moisture in his whole body to squeeze out a half-assed tear.

Well, conservatives and Republicans have made note of Biden’s respective responses to the respective acts of terrorism. And the Daily Beast seems pretty annoyed by that:

Alas, the article’s behind a paywall, but we can at least show you the first paragraph:

The rifle used in the hate-fueled massacre at a Buffalo supermarket on Saturday was marked up with the name of those killed in a deadly car attack on a Wisconsin parade, an incident that has been dubiously seized on by far-right extremists as an example of anti-white crime.

Ah, yes. “Dubiously seized on by far-right extremists as an example of anti-white crime.”

Well, it’s not just “far-right extremists” who have “seized” on the Waukesha parade massacre “as an example of anti-white crime.” It’s mainstream conservatives and normies, too. And they haven’t seized on it “dubiously” so much as they’ve taken Darrell Brooks’ actions into account, as well as his rather explicit calls for … anti-white violence.

But otherwise, great job, Daily Beast. You nailed it!

Never mind that according to the Buffalo shooter’s own manifesto, it doesn’t sound like the Left can blame an “ethno-nationalist eco-fascist national socialist” opening fire on innocent shoppers on Fox News or Tucker Carlson or the far Right or the GOP. Democrats and the Biden administration thought they could, and that’s why they tripped all over each other to comment on the Buffalo shooting. Once we learned about the Waukesha suspect and his history, the Left dropped that story like a hot potato because they couldn’t capitalize on it.

We’d like to take this opportunity to apologize the Daily Beast for not living down to their hopes and expectations that we’re too stupid to notice the Left’s glaring double standard.

“The ‘right-wing freakout’ over the Waukesha massacre inspired a self-described far-leftist national socialist to murder innocent shoppers in Buffalo” is quite a reach, but kudos to the Daily Beast for bravely wincing through the pain in order to make it.


So we’ve made at least a little progress.