Earlier, we told you about Tom Elliott’s comprehensive, must-read thread on the Buffalo shooter’s manifesto, which, contrary to the prevailing liberal media narrative, is not an ode to conservatism, Fox News, or Tucker Carlson.

In our post, we mentioned garbage person and serial assassin of conservatives’ character Talia Lavin’s piece for Rolling Stone declaring that “The Buffalo shooter isn’t a ‘lone wolf.’ He’s a mainstream Republican.”

According to the killer’s manifesto, he was acting alone, and he most definitely does not hold “mainstream Republican” views.

Glenn Greenwald isn’t a mainstream Republican, either. Or a conservative. But he’s nonetheless absolutely had it with the mainstream media’s tiresome and toxic habit of playing fast and loose with facts in order to push anti-Republican, anti-conservative narratives.

And he’s on a righteous tear today against the mainstream media’s latest egregious malpractice:

Darrell Brooks is the guy who injured and killed people at a Waukesha Christmas parade, and James Hodgkinson was the guy who tried to assassinate Steve Scalise and other Republicans at a congressional baseball game. Once their views became known, the media very conspicuously stopped covering them. But we didn’t suggest that their views were those of mainstream Democrats, did we?

Greenwald is correct about both.

Double standards are what happened to that.

Without their own access to the manifesto, all the public has to go on is whatever comes out the other side when the truth is fed through the media’s filter.

In other words, for those who want to know the truth, don’t listen to the mainstream media’s version of it.