Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal wants to talk about spam. No, not the canned meat-type food; the kind that plagues your email box — and Twitter.

Spam is definitely a problem for a lot of Twitter users, who have enough time just trying to cut through the crap put out there by legitimate, non-bot accounts.

So, basically, spammers are sneaky and pernicious and have gotten pretty good at adapting to measures to stop them.

Some of the accounts that can cause the most harm to users can be totally legitimate on the surface. Looking at you, Aaron Rupar.

But we digress.

Well, for what it’s worth, Agrawal says that he and Twitter have spent a lot of time discussing all this stuff with potential new overlord Elon Musk:

How exciting!

And for those of you who would just rather hear straight from Elon Musk what Elon Musk thinks about all of this:


So, does this mean Elon’s calling BS on Agrawal? Because that’s kinda what it sounds like …

Well, in any event, we’re pretty sure that Elon Musk tweeting poop emojis is fundamental to the entertainment health of Twitter.