Florida Democratic Rep. Val Demings is right there with her fellow Democrats, supporting women and pregnant people’s right to terminate their pregnancies. She thinks that “right” will disappear if the Supreme Court hands down a ruling that would effectively overturn Roe v. Wade.

Narrator: That right will not disappear, as individual states will be able to craft and enact their own legislation regarding abortion. But her larger point still stands! Or, rather, she thinks it stands.

In reality, it stands on quicksand. Especially when this is the route she goes to defend it:

That’s a very stunning and brave sentiment, Val. Unfortunately, it rings just a weeeee bit hollow.

As does this one:

Um …

Well, these days, we’re told then women can be men, so who are we to assign Anthony Fauci a gender identity?

But we digress. Demings’ tweet about people being responsible for their own personal medical decisions doesn’t seem like something she would tweet if the issue were COVID vaccine mandates instead of abortion.

The ones she agrees with, obviously.




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