If you’ve got kids and Netflix, you may be familiar with Emily Calandrelli, the bubbly host of “Emily’s Wonder Lab.” Calandrelli is also a mom herself. A mom of a ten-week-old little boy.

Traveling is stressful already. Taking a trip without your little one can be even more emotionally and mentally taxing. Throw in TSA insanity on top of all that? You’ve got yourself a disaster.

Calandrelli recently left her young son for the first time and was put through the wringer by TSA employees at LAX.

Calandrelli detailed her horrific experience with LAX’s TSA in a heartbreaking and infuriating thread:

If you’re like us and seeing red right now, just imagine how Calandrelli must have been feeling when she heard that.

Every ounce of spoiled breastmilk is one fewer ounce of nourishment for Emily’s son.

And TSA’s whole argument against Calandrelli was based on a lie!

So TSA put Calandrelli (and her son) through this for nothing.

Apparently that sort of thing happens on the regular:

This is legitimately outrageous.

Absolutely shameful.

At the start of her thread, Calandrelli said “this needs to stop.”

Well, we couldn’t agree more. And if you want to kill the snake, you cut off the head:


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