At yesterday’s White House press briefing, Jen Psaki confirmed that the Biden administration ‘[continues] to encourage’ pro-abort protesters showing up at Supreme Court Justices’ homes to intimidate and harass and terrorize.

For what it’s worth, it sounds like those protesters can also count on the support of Senate Dems, assuming that Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is speaking for his party here:

Technically, Schumer prefaced his “yes” with “if protests are peaceful.” And we agree that peaceful protests are OK. They’re even protected under the First Amendment!

The thing is that these protests outside the Justices’ homes haven’t been peaceful. Chuck Schumer may be awful and insufferable and terrible on multiple levels, but he knows the truth about those protests. And he’s effectively giving them his blessing here.

Yeah, we’re not sure why that’s supposed to make us more sympathetic to the people driving Supreme Court Justices into hiding. We can’t stand Chuck Schumer but we’re not cool with angry mobs showing up outside of his house, either.

All Chuck Schumer needed to do was straight-up explicitly condemn protesters harassing SCOTUS Justices. To draw a clear distinction between “peaceful” protest and what the mob is actually doing. But he chose instead to put a rosy spin on what’s going on, and that’s a huge problem.