“Kids can learn from anywhere,” they said. “Kids are resilient,” they said. “It’s about protecting the kids,” they said.

“We know what’s best,” they said.

They were so busy saying all those things, they forgot to listen to the kids. Or, more accurately, they listened and just didn’t give a crap.

The most recent episode of “60 Minutes” featured an interview with two teenage girls, just two of countless teenagers (and younger kids) whose lives were turned upside-down when the COVID pandemic hit and whose mental health suffered potentially irreversible damage as a result of the policies that were put in place to “protect” them:

How many more stories like these two young women’s are out there? Far too many to count. A generation of kids has been abandoned and sacrificed to appease the almighty teachers’ unions and empower authoritarian Democrats. They’re just collateral damage in the war to control us.

It wasn’t COVID that did this.

And leftist elitists’ full-throated embrace of the government’s response.

We tried to warn them, but they knew better.

Great work, everyone.