Regardless of what you may think about J.D. Vance as Ohio’s Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, it does seem pretty safe to say he’s got Ohio Dems feeling a bit nervous. If the Dems want a real shot at defeating Vance in the midterms, they’re gonna need to get top men on this.

And it doesn’t get more Top. Men. than the Lincoln Project:

Watch out, Ohio!

No, seriously. Watch out:

This Izzi Levy person doesn’t sound super-excited about the Lincoln Project deciding to get involved in the Senate race in Ohio. Who is she, anyway?

Checking … checking … ah. Here we go:

Comms director for Tim Ryan … as in J.D. Vance’s Democratic opponent.

Tim Ryan’s campaign obviously wants to defeat J.D. Vance but they sure as hell don’t want the Lincoln Project’s help doing it. Because even Tim Ryan’s campaign knows the Lincoln Project’s track record.

This is just too perfect.


Straight into our veins. Mmm … yeah, that’s the business.

No one likes the Lincoln Project. As far as we’re concerned, the Lincoln Project is good for one thing and one thing only: slapping around all day, every day.

And we’ll leave you with perhaps the most stinging slap of all:

Oof. That one’s gonna sting for a while.