As we told you, earlier today, President Joe Biden issued an official statement regarding the very real possibility that the Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade. His statement was problematic on a few levels, not the least of which is that he’s been parading himself as a “devout Catholic” despite a remarkable public shift toward abortion advocacy.

Speaking to reporters, Biden suggested that his pro-abort trajectory has also become deeply personal as well:

Is that what all  basic mainstream religions have concluded? Could someone point us to when that happened, because we must’ve missed it.

Give us a list, Joe. We’re officially intrigued. We had no idea this sort of debate was going on within the basic mainstream religions under our noses this whole time!

No need to go quoting from the Bible at Joe Biden. The man’s a devout Catholic, after all. So you’re not telling him anything he doesn’t already know.

Which is what makes this even more sickening and twisted.

“Senile,” “incoherent,” and “vile.” That’s Joe Biden in a nutshell.

Based on the evidence we’ve been presented with, we have no choice but to conclude that Joe Biden doesn’t actually care about the existence of a human life and being.

“Devout Catholic.” As if.

Joe Biden is a devout liberal. Leftism is his only religion now.