It’s no secret that the pro-abort movement in the United States is fundamentally rooted in racism. But since Margaret Sanger’s heyday, pro-abortion activists have tried to keep those roots from being exposed.

Still, occasionally, they slip up and expose their true nature. That seems to be what happened with Amanda Duarte, whose Twitter bio used to describe her as a “writer-performer, regional sex symbol, radish enthusiast, just a really great guy.” We say used to, because if you try to visit her Twitter page now, this is what you’ll see:

Uh-oh … what happened? Where’d her Twitter account go?

Turns out, she deleted the account all by herself. Hard to blame her, really. If we’d thought it was a good idea to say something like this, we’d want to erase any evidence of our existence from social media, too:

Hoooooooooly moly. Like … wow. That’s prettay, prettay bad. And you folks know that we’ve seen some things.

Well, yeah.

It’s a must-jump-on-your-own-grenade situation, for sure. Props to her for realizing that, we guess. Would’ve been a lot less bloody and self-destructive to just have never tweeted something like that. Or, even better, to just have never even thought something like that in the first place because it’s deranged and insanely racist.

It’s almost as if she had no reasoned, intelligent counterargument because, well, she didn’t.


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