S.E. Cupp seems a bit concerned. And why shouldn’t she be, if you stop and think about it?

After all, practically overnight, Elon Musk went from being the wealthiest man on earth to being the wealthiest man on earth who bought Twitter. Musk is basically a lethal combination of the worst things a person can be.

But he’s nothing if not ruthlessly ambitious, so if you think he’s gonna stop at taking over Twitter, think again. You have no idea what he’s capable of. But S.E. Cupp sure does:

Elon Musk running for president? Of the United States of America? Well, we must admit that we hadn’t really considered that possibility. Mostly because it’s incredibly stupid.


Except no.

S.E. Cupp literally gets paid to understand the basics of how the U.S. government works. Remember that.

Does she know, though? We’re honestly not sure.


Last time we checked, Elon Musk wasn’t born a U.S. citizen. So even if he wanted to run for POTUS, he’d be wasting his time.

S.E. Cupp could run for president, though. Let that sink in.

Facts First™, baby.



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