Jennifer Rubin’s latest loony rant tackles the GOP, aka ‘a movement to impose White Christian Nationalism’ and raise cold, racist children

It’s Wednesday, which, last time we checked, is a day that ends in “y.” Which, last time we checked, means that Jennifer Rubin has something insane to contribute to the national political discourse.

In a way, her insanity is reassuring, because we know that no matter what happens, it will always be here. You can set your watch by it.

Let’s synchronize: It is officially batshirt o’clock. Take it away, Jen:

The GOP is a white Christian theocrac-ah! Jennifer Rubin is just having a normal one, folks:

The media blandly describes the GOP’s obsessions as “culture wars,” but that suggests there is another side seeking to impose its views on others. In reality, only one side is repudiating pluralistic democracy — White, Christian and mainly rural Americans who are becoming a minority group and want to maintain their political power.

The result is an alarming pattern: Any moment of social progress is soon followed by reactionary panic and claims of victimhood. It’s no mere coincidence that Donald Trump, the leader of the birther movement, succeeded the first African American president. Nor should the anti-critical-race-theory movement surprise anyone given the mass protests in the wake of George Floyd’s murder in 2020. Understanding his phenomenon is crucial to preserving pluralistic democracy.

When was the last time Jennifer Rubin understood anything? A phenomenon, whatever? Clearly she doesn’t understand why more and more people have come to loathe outlets like the Washington Post, stuffed to the brim with elitist liberal snobs like her.

It’s not just “the MAGA crowd” who has a problem with Critical Race Theory education, but you go off, Jen. You go off.

Don’t bother trying to point out to her that she’s being a huge racial and religious bigot right now. She can’t hear you over all her screeching.

There’s that “Big Lie” language again. The Nazis coined that, Jennifer. So you’re using Nazi language.

And we suppose it’s the job of wise liberals like Jennifer Rubin to clear up white Christian Americans’ “moral confusion,” hmmm?

… said no serious person ever.

Oh? Because you’re off your rocker, too?

Remember when Jennifer Rubin was held up as the Washington Post’s resident reasonable conservative? We do, because it wasn’t that long ago when she was still representing herself that way. At least she finally ditched the pretense, but geez. The guilt she feels over ever having said nice things about conservatives and the Republican Party must be incredibly heavy to make her swing this far to the Left.

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