As of this post’s publication, Elon Musk hasn’t bought Twitter just yet. But the liberal meltdowns are in full swing and are escalating with each passing second.

We’re not sure what libs are so scared of. Other than the prospect of no longer being able to count on Twitter to shut down opposing points of view and punish users who offend by not toeing liberal lines.

OK, yeah, now that we think about it, that is pretty scary to a lib. Especially an insane lib. Especially an insane and stupid lib. Like Rob Reiner:

Rob wants to know if Elon Musk would restore Donald Trump’s Twitter account. That’s actually a fair question, as a lot of people of all political persuasions are wondering the same thing. What makes Rob’s version of that question veer away from fair and into bonehead (or Meathead, we suppose) territory is the way in which he asks it.

Donald Trump did indeed have Mean Tweets, and to this day, he does maintain that the 2020 election was stolen from him. But we fail to see how that makes Trump all that different from others who have done the same thing. One particular name comes to mind …

Hillary Clinton lost her election over five years ago, and she’s still insisting that it was stolen from her. But she hasn’t lost her Twitter account and there’s no reason to believe that she would if Elon Musk were in charge of Twitter, either.

Deep breaths, Rob. It’s going to be OK.

But we’re not so cruel as to just dismiss Rob’s fears. He’s entitled to be irrationally terrified just as much as anyone else is.

There’s actually easy solution to Rob Reiner’s predicament. Is he brave enough to carry it out?

Seriously. Talk about a win-win!



Rob Reiner tweeting rave reviews of Biden’s presidency doesn’t appear to be an April Fools joke

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