Not having to be the head honcho at Planned Parenthood has really freed up Dr. Leana Wen’s time to occasionally think about things other than killing unborn babies. And with the COVID pandemic, she’s had a lot to think about.

And she’s figured out some stuff.

Like, did you know that the pandemic has had negative effects on a lot of people’s mental health? And that some of those negative effects have led to some of those people drinking excessive amounts of alcohol? Brace yourselves:

Leana Wen went to medical school, you know!

We have absolutely no issues whatsoever with the fact that Leana Wen is shining a spotlight on pandemic-era alcoholism. It is indeed a major problem and it definitely merits discussion.

No, the issue we have is that “pandemic drinking” and mental health problems were things we and many others tried to warn about when lockdowns began, only to be dismissed and shouted down by purported followers of science including, yes, Dr. Leana Wen.

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