Yesterday, CNN+ was thrilled to announce that host Chris Wallace would be talking with none other than soon-to-be-former White House press secretary Jen Psaki.

If you’re like us, you didn’t watch it (because who the hell pays money for CNN+ anyway?). But if you’re like us, you will also be pretty glad that someone from Newsbusters did watch it and decide to share it with us, because something kind of amazing and awesome happened:

We admit: we were expecting a love-fest full of softballs and giggles, but Wallace actually held Psaki — and Joe Biden — accountable for something, and he kept at it!

That’s probably true.

Honestly, at this point, it doesn’t really even matter. We’re just glad to see a liberal journalist make Jen Psaki squirm. Like, just look at her. Her face, her body language … clearly she went into this interview thinking it’d be a piece of cake and Wallace would limit his questions to questions about what a fantastic job she’s done as White House press secretary and how awesome it is to work for an amazing president like Joe Biden.

We can’t believe we’re saying this, but we thoroughly enjoyed that exchange.

We genuinely loved to see it. But we’re no fools: we don’t expect this sort of thing to happen again anytime soon. Especially considering Jen Psaki’s upcoming career move.


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