Symone D. Sanders, former Bernie Sanders surrogate and former senior adviser and chief spokesperson for Vice President Kamala Harris, was a guest on today’s edition of “Meet the Press Daily” with Chuck Todd on MSNBC (where Sanders is also a paid contributor).

And for the record, Sanders was feelin’ pret-tay good about Florida Democrats’ and Disney’s chances in their fight against Ron DeSantis and Florida Republicans. How good? Good enough to put money on it, honey!

Power to the corporations and corporate lobbyists, baby! It’s about time they had their day!

That’s fun, to be sure. But it’s not even the best part:

We hope you watched the video to the end back there. Because man. That bit was delicious. Just absolute *chef’s kiss* material.

Uh, yeah.

Life comes at you fast.

Well, hopefully Symone set aside some small change before placing her bet. Otherwise she’s gotta be flat-broke right now.

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