The Washington Post’s Taylor Lorenz wanted a lot of attention for her article exposing the woman behind the Libs of Tik Tok Twitter account. Well, mission accomplished, Taylor! Both Lorenz and the Washington Post are white-hot topics of conversation today. And if you live by the philosophy that “any publicity is good publicity,” Lorenz and WaPo are livin’ large.

We just hope that somewhere during the course of their celebrations and self-congratulations, they’ll be able to find even just a few minutes to thank the shamelessly partisan left-wing outfits without whose help this Pulitzer-worthy journalistic endeavor would not have been possible.

Media Matters and the ACLU are the “brazenly left ideological sources” who made the greatest contributions to Taylor Lorenz’s piece.

Media Matters and the ACLU are Taylor Lorenz’s sources for the article. “Openly ideological” doesn’t even begin to describe the nature of this.

The most nakedly partisan of partisan hit jobs.

From an insane and toxic entity obsessed with destroying — at any cost — anyone who threatens to expose the Left’s dirty deeds.

Taylor Lorenz never should have done this story in the first place. But she did it. And the fact that she did it by effectively turning the Washington Post into a bullhorn for notorious hard-Left thugs is just the cherry on top of this whole sh*t sundae.

The whole spectacle was and will always be a sickening one.

If Taylor Lorenz is the type of “journalist” being trained by today’s J-schools, then we need to burn the J-school system down and start all over again.

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