If you’re like us, you’re still fuming and fighting the urge to vomit over Washington Post “tech columnist” Taylor Lorenz’s exposé on the private citizen behind the popular Libs of Tik Tok Twitter account. We’re going to be angry about this one for a long, long time.

There is literally no reason, journalistic or otherwise, to try to ruin the life of a private citizen whose only offense is collecting existing footage of libs behaving badly and making it easily accessible to others who may not be aware of what goes on. And there’s literally no reason, journalistic or otherwise, to involve that private citizen’s family in the malicious effort. But that’s exactly what Taylor Lorenz did.

And for what it’s worth, Alex Thompson, White House reporter and co-author of Politico’s West Wing Playbook, has absolutely no problem with it whatsoever:

What Taylor Lorenz did to the woman and her family is just “shoe leather reporting,” you guys! It’s just old-school, Woodward-and-Bernstein-style journalism!

Well, for Alex Thompson’s purposes — which are effectively defending Lorenz’s harassment of a woman and her family purely out of spite over political differences — Libs of Tik Tok is basically on the same level as the president.

Since Alex Thompson decided that it’s OK to harass private citizens who have the temerity to plumb the darkest depths of liberalism and bring the truth to light.

Some people called Taylor Lorenz mean names over her track record of online bullying and harassment and we’re all supposed to weep and rend our garments with her. Taylor Lorenz uses her resources and the might of national media to harass a private citizen — and said private citizen’s relatives — and we’re all supposed to shrug because that’s just “standard reporting.”

Oh, please. Alex needs to drop the pretense and just admit that he’s defending Taylor Lorenz’s despicable behavior because he doesn’t care for Libs of Tik Tok’s politics.

You know, what we should have is a story about the kinds of “journalists” who believe it’s their job to come after anyone who poses a threat to liberal narratives. Such a story would, of course, also include extensive discussion of the kinds of “journalists” who support and defend those intimidation tactics. Alex Thompson at the very least falls into the latter category.

So, what do you think, Alex? Wanna be in a story like that?

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