Taylor Lorenz has a long and distinguished record of bullying and harassing people who say or do things she doesn’t like and encouraging others to do the same. And her bloodlust cannot be sated.

Her recent crusade to expose the woman behind Libs of Tik Tok is hardly an aberration. It’s part of a pattern with her. Taylor Lorenz has a bona fide compulsion to ruin people, at any cost.

As Libs of Tik Tok reveals here, Lorenz is hellbent on destroying anyone who threatens a liberal narrative:

We’re not even sure what to say right now. The level of psycho required to send a message like this is just … it’s beyond our comprehension.

And she gets paid to be scummy. She’s literally made a career out of it.

Is there seriously no one among Washington Post brass who’s even the least bit concerned about Taylor Lorenz’s state of mind and the havoc she’s wreaking on WaPo’s already-on-life-support reputation? No one at all? Bueller? Bueller?

Forget a mentor; what Taylor Lorenz needs is a mental health professional. Maybe a whole team of mental health professionals. Her brain is beyond broken (assuming it was ever not broken to begin with, and that’s a biiiiig assumption).

The best thing for Taylor Lorenz and for society as a whole is for Taylor Lorenz to get the hell away from media of any kind.

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