Back when Elon Musk initially hinted that he had something in the works concerning Twitter, media outlets wasted no time getting started with the fearful speculation. Now, today, on the heels of his announcement that he’s offered to buy Twitter outright, all that fearful speculation has been dialed up to eleventy.

Axios definitely won’t be the only outlet struggling to keep it together, but we feel pretty confident in saying that their response to Musk’s offer will be one of the most fun for us.


Elon Musk has officially entered “goblin mode,” folks. Felix Salmon writes:

Flashback: Elon Musk recently referred to himself as being “in goblin mode” when he took a 9.1% stake in Twitter and started tweeting manically about things like converting its headquarters to a homeless shelter.

Threat level: Musk can be a very dangerous beast when goblin mode is enabled.

So Elon Musk is a goblin supervillain now. Just like Tony Stark. Or something.

What a time to be alive.

The article is notably in Axios’ “Economy & Business” section. It’s not labeled as an opinion piece.

So yeah. They’re really not even trying at this point.

Maybe they just don’t have the strength to try.

Well, it’s a normal one in that this is the sort of reaction we’ve come to expect when someone comes along and threatens liberals’ complacency and comfort.

They could log off … but then they’d be depriving us of top-tier entertainment.

Just keep those juices flowin’.

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