What a shame that Adam Kinzinger doesn’t want to stick around in Congress. With him gone, we’ll have to find another bonehead Republican Resistance representative to point and laugh at.

This morning, Kinzinger had some deep thoughts about Vladimir Putin’s continuously escalating aggression against Ukraine, and for some reason, he thought it’d be a good idea to share those thoughts with the people of Twitter:

Still with him? OK. Good. Then you’re gonna love the ending:

See? We told you you wouldn’t be disappointed!

Heh. Yeah, that was pretty much our response as well. Where the heck does he keep coming up with this stuff? Does he have a big suggestion box somewhere where he just accepts policy advice from total randos?

We’re not sure Adam’s ready for it.

“B*tching on Twitter” has pretty much been Adam Kinzinger’s M.O. for the past several years, so why would he stop now?

It’s as big as the whole galaxy!

Not as though we’d forgotten, but it never hurts to be reminded.

Harsh, but fair.



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