Ketanji Brown Jackson may be getting the biggest share of the SCOTUS fanfare these days, but it’s important that we don’t let any of that overshadow the achievements of another badass Supreme Court Justice, Amy Coney Barrett. Not only is Barrett a highly accomplished jurist and scholar with an endless list of accolades to her name, but she’s also quick-witted and not intimidated by attempts to shut her down.

Case in point:

Have we mentioned yet that we really, really like Amy Coney Barrett? We’ll mention it again, just in case.

We really, really like Amy Coney Barrett.

She’s more than proven herself to be totally worth the hype.

And she did it without even breaking a sweat. With a smile on her face.

As usual.


Not just a boss, but a queen.

You love to see it.

Hope any lefties thinking about heckling her at some point were paying attention to this and have learned a lesson. Amy Coney Barrett ain’t got time for that BS.



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