We apologize for having missed this earlier this week. And we mean that sincerely, because it’s amazing.

During Senate confirmation hearings for Beth Prichard Geer, Joe Biden’s nominee to be a Member of the Board of Directors of the Tennessee Valley Authority, GOP Sen. Joni Ernst asked Geer to reconcile her professed belief in civility with what Geer had said about Ernst in a 2015 tweet. And let’s just say, Geer didn’t do a very good job acquitting herself.



Yeah, we’re gonna need to watch that again. Hope you guys don’t mind!

You can almost see Beth Prichard Geer shrinking into herself. No wonder she locked her Twitter account:

What a shame. Now people can’t tweet at her to tell her how utterly owned she got by Joni Ernst.

It’s always good to see a liberal exposed as a hypocrite. Especially when said liberal is a Democratic president’s nominee.

Good. It should leave a mark. A huge one.

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