Former President Barack Obama was back at his old stomping grounds at the University of Chicago to do what he does best: lecture other people. In this case, he was lecturing during a conversation with the Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg at the “Disinformation and the Erosion of Democracy” event (the same one in which Atlantic journalist Anne Applebaum said that the Hunter Biden laptop story just wasn’t “interesting.”).

But since he’s been out of office, he’s different somehow. Lighter, as though he’s no longer feeling the heavy burdens of the consequences for his actions. Anyone else get that vibe from him?

Something Vladimir Putin did anticipate — correctly — is that the Obama administration, and then the Biden administration, would effectively give him the green light to invade Ukraine. Obama did nothing when Putin went into Crimea, and Biden totally downplayed the threat that Putin posed to Ukraine during this administration (remember the “minor incursion” remark?).

And in the cases of both President Obama and President Biden, Putin’s intentions and ruthlessness were well known … and our leaders did absolutely nothing. Except, perhaps, for giving him more flexibility after their respective elections.

Barack Obama doesn’t appear to have lost any sleep over his significant role in enabling Vladimir Putin’s ruthless authoritarianism and thirst for Soviet Union 2.

Truly a shining moment of Barack Obama’s administration.

Barack Obama will never accept any responsibility for empowering Vladimir Putin. Which is on-brand for him, honestly, as he spent eight years and then his post-presidential life refusing to accept any responsibility for all the messes he made.

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