Twitchy readers know very well by now that when it comes to covering Fox News, nobody beats CNN’s Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy. They are the kings.

But don’t dismiss MSNBC host Chris Hayes just yet. As it turns out, he also makes time to cover the Fox News beat. And that’s exactly what he did on last night’s show:

More from Mediaite:

Fox News, as Hayes noted, mentioned Disney more than 250 times times in two days. The MSNBC host said on All In that the blowback is rooted in a desire to spark a war against the gay community:

The right has declared war on Disney. Just since yesterday morning, Fox News mentioned the company more than 252 times. Their crusade is based on that new law signed by Ron DeSantis of Florida prohibiting instruction about sexual orientation and gender and early elementary school classrooms. Under the guise of protecting children from being sexualized, the law essentially bans the discussion of gay-ness.

Hayes noted that Disney had waded into the discussion, and said the network and others are declaring a war on not transgender, but “gay people.”

The most unhinged faction of the right, as you heard on Fox News, is now vilifying Disney as a creepy, QAnon-adjacent of sexual deviance,” he said. 

Chris Hayes taking a page from Oliver Darcy and shoehorning QAnon into his analysis is just perfect. The circle is complete.

But there’s still room for a little more icing on this cake:

Magnifique! *Chef’s kiss*

We’ll close with a little food for thought, particularly for the folks out there who support what Chris Hayes and MSM are doing with this Disney-vs.-conservatives story:

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