Will Smith slapping Chris Rock over a dumb joke at last night’s Oscars was the most interesting thing to come out of the Oscars in … we don’t even know how long. So it totally makes sense that it’s making headlines all over the place today. The Associated Press is talking about it, naturally.

Here’s what they tweeted this morning:

Will Smith’s acceptance speech after having had a violent outburst was definitely newsworthy. After all, it’s not just anyone who could smack a guy in the face and then preach about love (and get jiggy with it at an afterparty). You’ve gotta be a special kind of person to do something like that.

And you’ve got to be a special kind of media outlet to paint whitewash what Will Smith did as having “confronted Chris Rock on stage at the Oscars.”

“Confronted.” Yes, we suppose that’s one word for what happened. Not the word we would’ve used, though. Not the word any news outlet should’ve used, if we’re being honest.

It’s fascinating for sure, because there used to be a time when no serious media outlet would ever so shamelessly downplay such a clear-cut case of physical violence. We can’t help but be fascinated. What we’re not, though, is surprised. Not even a little bit. Because what passes for real journalism these days is a long way from actual journalism.

You’re trash, AP.

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