When Kurt Bardella left the problematic Lincoln Project, he was fortunate enough to land on his feet and transition nicely into the next logical phase of his career as an adviser to the Democratic Party and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. After all, the Lincoln Project is really just a bunch of Democrats masquerading as Principled Conservatives™.

Anyway, Kurt has settled quite seamlessly into his official role as shameless Democratic shill, unfavorably comparing today’s GOP to al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, and the Taliban.

And waxing poetic about Hillary Clinton, of course:

Let’s unpack that for a minute. We’ll grant you that Hillary Clinton is smart, though we’d probably use words like “calculating” and “conniving” as they seem more suitable.

As far as her fantastic sense of humor is concerned, we’d very much like to see that. She must have been working really hard to hide it all these years, because we can’t recall her ever making us laugh on purpose.

And that public servant’s heart thing … well, we’re just gonna go ahead and call BS on that. Hillary Clinton doesn’t have a heart, period.

But other than all that, you really nailed her, Kurt!

Ha! Yeah, we have to assume that Hillary Clinton must have something real good on Kurt Bardella. There’s really no explanation for his fawning over her voluntarily, unless of course he really is just an insane liberal.

Things someone who worked at the Lincoln Project would absolutely say.

We’d have to agree with that assessment. Hillary Clinton is not a complicated person at all; she’s actual very simple when you boil her down to her essences.

She’s just a garbage person. And those who would defend her garbage-person-ness as virtues aren’t really a whole lot better.



Lincoln Project alumnus Kurt Bardella can’t quit talking about how Donald Trump can’t quit things

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