The White House is working overtime to reverse their high-gas-price and inflation narrative again and shift away from “It’s all Vladimir Putin’s fault!” and toward “It’s all oil companies’ fault!”

But totally walking stuff back is a big job, and the White House is gonna need all the help they can get. That’s where Elizabeth Warren comes in. To listen to her, you’d think the Biden administration has been blaming Big Oil (and Big Meat and COVID) all along:

So, Elizabeth Warren in a nutshell: If you’re looking to blame someone for inflation, don’t blame the people directly responsible for the policies that resulted in inflation, policies that we all knew would result in inflation.

She’s full of BS and she knows it.

Honestly, would it even matter if anyone asked? It’s not like Elizabeth Warren or any Democrat would give a truthful answer.

Forget COVID, Big Oil, and Big Meat; Elizabeth Warren and the Biden administration and the Democratic Party own this.