Candace Owens has been subjected to a great deal of criticism. She’s been accused of being a race traitor because she’s a black woman who’s made a name for herself by carving out her niche on the Right. And those criticisms are shameful and disgusting, not to mention incredibly racist.

That said, sometimes, Owens deserves the criticisms she gets. We’d say that this is one of those times:

No need to point out to us that that tweet and video come from a Media Matters guy. We know and understand. But in this case, the messenger isn’t the problem. Jason Campbell didn’t edit Owens’ words or take her out of context. He let her speak for herself and thus let her dig her own grave.

We don’t begrudge Candace Owens her right to free speech, because she’s entitled to speak as freely as the rest of us. But she has no right not to be called out for being wrong.


Perhaps Candace Owens’ chief concern isn’t that her viewers and listeners are all that informed. About Ukraine or other issues.

At least she’s consistent.

Incidentally, Candace Owens was born in April 1989. So she herself was not a thing until 1989.

Maybe Candace Owens shouldn’t be a thing right now.

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