Yesterday, Fox News reporter Benjamin Hall was injured while covering Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Hall is currently in the hospital being treated for his injuries but will hopefully pull through.

Unfortunately, Fox News cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski, who was traveling with Hall, was killed.

New Yorker journalist and CNN global affairs analyst Susan Glasser posted a message about Zakrzewski’s death as well — with her own special spin on it, of course:

Only a really clever person could find a way to use a photojournalist’s death to take shots at a rival news network who employs a host she doesn’t like.

You should’ve led with that tweet, Susan. And then just stopped right there.

But you couldn’t, could you? Even Brian Stelter, who has dedicated an insane amount of airtime and tweets to talking trash about Fox News, was able to be a human being about this.

But not Susan. No, Susan couldn’t even wait until the body was cold to use Zakrzewski’s death to shame Fox News.

Word to the wise: if you’re ever thinking about being like Susan, don’t.

She’s seriously vile.

Would’ve been a lot more honest.

We hope everyone sees her for what she is.



Oh, hey. Could Susan Glasser possibly look any worse?

You bet she can:

Shame on her.





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