Twitchy readers know that we’re not what you’d call huge fans of Rolling Stone’s work. That said, compared to CNN, Rolling Stone looks relatively competent and legit.

That’s why we’re letting you know about Rolling Stone’s new exclusive on CNN and the very cozy relationship between head Jeff Zucker and fellow illustrious people like Andrew Cuomo and Allison Gollust.

You’d better believe we’re here for every last ounce of this.

Feel free to join us in taking a few moments to try to scrub the imagery from our minds’ eyes. We know it’s a futile effort, but we have to try.

Hey, man. We’ve been pointing out how huge a role Zucker played in Donald Trump’s getting the GOP nomination and ultimately winning the presidential election since forever. We appreciate that Rolling Stone has finally gotten to a point where they can acknowledge that.

More from Tatiana Siegel’s piece:

What viewers did not know is that in the hours between Cuomo’s Albany press conference and his CNN dinner-hour appearance, he corresponded directly with CNN leadership. Firing off a text to the network’s top marketing and communications executive, Allison Gollust — who had also been his own publicist a few years prior — Cuomo wrote, in an apparent reference to CNN President Jeff Zucker, “Ask Jeff to call me plz.” Zucker’s representatives say he has “no record” of speaking to Cuomo that day. Regardless, Cuomo landed on a talking point sure to grab Trump’s attention. And Zucker certainly knew exactly which levers to pull when it came to the president, given their long and lucrative relationship via the reality show The Apprentice.

About 30 minutes before Cuomo appeared on CNN by remote feed, Gollust emailed a programing staffer, cc’ing Zucker, and offered the governor as a last-minute guest to talk about Trump’s proposed quarantine. She then told Zucker that the governor would like to speak with him. When the segment ended, Gollust texted Cuomo: “Well done . . . Cuomo-W. Trump-L.”

A representative for the former governor declined to comment. Risa Heller, a spokeswoman for both Zucker and Gollust, says in a statement that “Jeff never advised Andrew Cuomo,” and that the notion that Gollust was “laundering advice to the Governor” was “far-fetched” and “patently ridiculous.” But two sources familiar with the matter dispute this. To observers both outside and inside CNN, the network brass’s interactions with the governor represented the worst kind of journalistic lapse — “one of the most clear-cut ethical breaches you could think of,” says University of Missouri journalism professor Ryan Thomas. News outlets are supposed to expose the wrongdoings of politicians, not serve as their publicists. That’s especially true for the network that bills itself as “The Most Trusted Name in News.”

Yeah … you’re definitely gonna want to read the whole thing.

Rolling Stone is not exactly a hotbed of Trump sycophancy. If they’re going after CNN, it’s because they want us to know that CNN is just that bad.

Crazy talk.

Maybe they didn’t miss it, per se. As we speak, Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy are probably brainstorming ways to blame this on Fox News somehow.

The craziest part of all this is that we probably still haven’t gotten to the bottom of CNN’s barrel. No way there isn’t more where all this has come from.

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