Tom Nichols recently appeared as a guest on MSNBC, because of course he did.

And while he was there, he dropped some knowledge about the “two separate things going on in the GOP,” one of which is right-wing Republicans steeped in white resentment and throwing their support behind white Christian savior Vladimir Putin.

According to Tom, the Republican Party consists of “cranks and crackpots on one side, and a bunch of utterly hollow opportunists on the other.” Sounds a lot more like the Left, if we’re being honest. And Principled Conservatives™, of course, who conveniently straddle both categories. Cranks, crackpots, and hollow opportunists.

Anyway, speaking of opportunists, Tom Nichols had a golden opportunity to put his money where his mouth was and decided instead to squander it.

He can’t. And he won’t.

It would be easy to do if Tom Nichols had a leg to stand on. But he doesn’t.

Fortunately for him, MSNBC doesn’t need him to bring any receipts with him. Backing up ridiculous claims clearly isn’t a requirement for their contributors, which is why Molly Jong-Fast is right there with Tom.

Tom Nichols has decided that the other part of the GOP, the part that’s not full of bitter white supremacist Putin supporters, consists of deeply unserious people.

Unserious person and shameless sellout, heal thyself.